Our electric direct heating – radiant heating can not be equated with the commonly used electric convection heating (heaters, convectors, floor, wall and ceiling cables or storage stoves).

We guarantee that our ECOSUN radiators emit 80% of heat in the form of infrared radiation, and only 20% of heat in the form of convection – that is the opposite of the traditional central heating.

Many years of experience (not only ours) obliges us to advise you what is cheap, simple, maintenance-free, from a certain source of energy as it was, is and will be electricity that can be obtained from all energy and renewable sources.

The only general global shortcoming is the storage of surplus energy. For our c.o. system ECOSUN this problem does not exist, because we store heat in the partitions of the house, which thanks to the radiation can be heated even when the windows and doors are open, because the heat does not rise up and no wind or draft blow away radiation heat, so we can store indirectly Electricity as in storage furnaces.



Our basic activity is the production of metal, glass and ceramic ECOSUN type radiant heaters. We make them according to the technology of the American company Asteck & Bercko and the Czech company Fenix.

Our radiators are the basic element of central electrical – radiative heating for all residential objects.

The advantages of radiators are low investment costs with subsequent low cost of equipment exploration.

To date, there are over 30,000 installations of ECOSUN radiators in Poland in all residential and public buildings ranging from flats, houses, offices, restaurants, public buildings to high-volume buildings, production halls, warehouses, church workshops, AgroEcosun are greenhouses, farms.

We are a producer that’s why radiators can be made with any power, colors and shapes in the 100-3600 Watt range. Our offer includes white radiant heaters covered with quartz, radiator heaters hand painted paintings, glass framed, glass with photo, heating mirrors and high temperature radiators designed for heating surfaces with large cubic capacity.


One of the basic needs of a man is warmth, we will help you achieve it in a simple and cheap way

Reduce your heating bills. How? Our heating consumes 30% less energy than another available on the market. Protect yourself from the cold and feel the pleasant warmth in your home without raising your finger. How is this possible? Our devices radiate like the sun and are maintenance-free and maintenance-free. We give you reliability. A 10-year warranty on our devices will give you peace of mind for years. Remember that smaller heating bills mean more money for you.


Don’t scrimp on heating this winter! Save on electricity bills!


Rotal panels are designed for permanent wall or ceiling mounting. A temperature regulation device (thermostat) should be also be mounted to a wall, allowing you to set the temperature exactly to your desired level. This device will control the on/off switching of the heater, and reduce power consumption to the minimum required.

Alternatively, you can purchase a portable heater and order it with a longer power cable and plug, but you must also purchase a thermostat plug to insert into an electrical outlet/mains. The heater plug is then inserted into the thermostat plug connected to the outlet/mains. You can then set the temperature. This way, the heater can switch on when it is needed, and switch off after it reaches the set temperature.

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